Ten years ago, I thought I was secure. I had a well-paying corporate position and was living the American dream -- a nice residence in the best neighborhood in the suburbs, nice cars, vacations every year, providing well for my life style -- all the typical stuff.

Nine years ago, I woke up. The company I thought I'd work for all my life became political chaos. The new operation was lean and mean, and I was scared. After all, there just aren't that many cushy, highly-perked corporate jobs out there anymore.

My first reaction was to cut back. I put my budget on a major austerity program. The winter ski trips and summer visits with my family were canceled. The graduate school was put on indefinite hold. Every purchase was carefully considered, and if it wasn't a necessity, I didn't buy it.

I wanted to build a nest egg to prepare myself for unemployment. But then I realized that a nest egg wasn't the answer. I didn't like what was doing to myself. Pinching every penny twice, wasn't what I'd always wanted for my future.

Any savings account, no matter how large, is only going to pay the bills for a finite amount of time. A safety net, on the other hand, is something to fall back on, something that generates income, something that allows me to continue to provide comfortably for myself and family.

So here was my dilemma. I had a job, a good job. I didn't want to leave it, but I knew there was a chance I would be caught in a wave of corporate downsizing. I wanted something I could do to build security for myself and my family without leaving my corporate position.

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I had always known about cash flow. Anyone in business understands that. Money comes in, money goes out -- that's cash flow. What I didn't know was that cash flow is an industry in itself -- one of the most rapidly-growing industries in the country.

I did some research, and what I found was a business in a growing, respected industry that I could start on the side without a lot of capital, working from home, that would generate a significant income but not interfere with my corporate job.

My only investment was in training. It was difficult making the decision to go back to school, but I found a training organization that specializes in teaching adults how to be successfully self-employed. They didn't play games, they didn't waste my time. I literally spent some vacation time learning how to start and build a profitable cash flow business. They quickly turned me from an interested amateur into a skilled professional.

So I took some money out of my nest egg and put it into my safety net.

Today, I still have my corporate job. I'm still not sure just how secure it is, or how long I'll keep it, but that doesn't matter. Because I also have an extremely successful cash flow business on the side.

I have choices now that I never had before. I have a level of security that I've never had before. I'm doing what I want, what I enjoy, and on my own terms. My austerity program ended this past year. I am back in graduate school. I had bought new cars, and I'm planning a vacation this summer.

One of the most exciting aspects of a cash flow business is that the more successful I become, the more opportunity I see. There are simply no limits for people who are willing to learn about the business so they can operate in a knowledgeable manner.

If you are open to earning money outside of your present income sources, and if the money was right and it fit into your present schedule, e-mail us for more information.

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